Published June 26, 2017

Peak pollution

Eight months of independent monitoring of air quality in the Balkans

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Published June 22, 2017

Turned into steam

How geothermal power projects uproot the lives of Maasai communities in Kenya

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Published June 13, 2017

Going through the mill

Albanian communities’ quest for water

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Published January 12, 2017

What better time than now?

Why EU funds must deliver on their transformative potential

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Published December 7, 2016

Last harvest looming for Albanian farmers along pipeline route

Numerous farmers and land owners in Albania feel they are sidelined by Europe’s dash for gas

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Published December 2, 2016

When Athens can’t tell a Trojan horse

Rural communities in northern Greece are determined to prevent the EU’s most extravagant energy project from scarring their land

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Published November 14, 2016

Winds of change

Can Mongolia move beyond coal to a renewables-based economy?

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Published September 28, 2016


Why the Investment Plan for Europe does not drive the sustainable energy transition

Europe is hemorrhaging cash in deeply unsustainable projects like motorways, airports and gas infrastructure, thus missing huge opportunities to modernise and decarbonise its economy.
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Published July 12, 2016

Shrinking space

My experiences with threats to civil society in Macedonia

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Published June 17, 2016

Home to roost

one community’s struggle against agribusiness in Ukraine

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Published June 17, 2016

Агробизнес Украины

история противостояния одной общины

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Published April 29, 2016

In Georgia, protests against dams precede development bank meetings

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Published March 23, 2016

A village disappearing

Romanian villagers fight for their homes against a coal giant and their own government.

People in Runcurel, a small village in the south west of Romania, have lived between coal mines for 40 years. But after decades of putting up with noise, dust and a landscape that leaves a lot to be desired, the villagers were informed that they are now in the way of national interest.
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Published March 22, 2016

Satul care dispare

Localnicii dintr-un sat din România se lupta pentru casele lor cu propriul guvern si cu un gigant al industriei carbunelui.

Oamenii din Runcurel, un mic sat din sud-vestul Romȃniei, au trăit înconjurați de mine de cărbune timp de 40 de ani. După decenii în care au suportat zgomotul, praful și un peisaj dezolant, sătenii au fost informați că acum stau în calea interesului național.
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Published March 21, 2016

Ten things the Ukrainian government doesn't want you to know about its nuclear energy plans

Published February 29, 2016

Up in smoke

Why urgent action is needed on air quality in the Western Balkans

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Published December 14, 2015

Troubled beauty

How pristine rivers in the Balkans are in danger of being dismembered by hydropower installations.

by Pippa Gallop, Bankwatch - Cover photo (c) Olsi Nika
Published July 14, 2015

Above the clouds, below the dam

The Nenskra dam in Svaneti, Georgia

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Published April 23, 2015

Noise in the night

al Manakher and the IPP4 power plant, Jordan

Published February 4, 2015

Kiedy opadnie pył

Historia kopalni rud żelaza, która zagraża egzystencji mongolskich, koczowniczych społeczności pasterskich.

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Published January 23, 2015


Земля огня и репрессий

Published November 10, 2014

When the dust settles

How an iron ore mine threatens nomadic herders' livelihoods in Mongolia.

a story by Bankwatch
Published October 15, 2014


Land of fire and repression